Singapore: Stupa Exhibit at the Asian Civilisations Museum

Singapore: Stupa Exhibit at the Asian Civilisations Museum


For Filipinos who love to snack on junkfood, it may look like a floating display of giant Granny Goose Cornets. But it is actually a beautifully crafted “floating stupa” art installation by Thai artist Jakkai Siributr. Look closely at the divisions.

The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) in Singapore currently features “Exploring the Cosmos: The Stupa as a Buddhist Symbol” an exhibit which runs until August this year.

Stupas are structures that shield relics. These are found in many Asian countries from Myanmar to Japan. The exhibit features almost 30 artwork stupas representing the different kinds you can find in the region.

One particular series of stupa I want to see are the ones found at Borobudur in Indonesia.

The exhibit at the ACM is free as long as you pay the entrance fee for the whole museum at about SGD 5.00. The museum itself is a lovely escape from Singapore’s humidity and a welcome introduction to Asian culture. Worth about 1-2 hours stay.

ACM’s Website 🙂

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