Singapore: Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

Singapore: Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

We were supposed to go to Balastier to look for Founder Bak Kut Teh but we ended up at Song Fa since we were nearby.

I was first introduced to the peppery pork rib soup broth back in Kuala Lumpur. My classmates in a journalism fellowship brought us to what felt like a remote part of that city. Never in my life have I felt possessed while eating. Spoonfuls of rice and soup and pork rib and veggie and a dumpling made of sweet dough… Slurping and wiping soup off the edges of my mouth… the soup was hot, the weather humid…

That experience sort of set a standard. Having been in Singapore for over a year I will admit I haven’t been able to try bak kut teh much.

Song Fa across The Central in Clarke Quay is one answer to your bak kut teh craving in Singapore. At first I thought it’d be too commercial given its location. But the taste of the pork rib was pretty good. Not powdery like in one hawker centre I tried in Yishun town. The broth taste isn’t as “deep” as one i tried in Penang. But each place has its own take like what one kind taxi driver explained to me.

I’m still looking for other bak kut tehs in town. At Song Fa a large bowl of pork rib soup is SGD 8.00. Add veggies (kai-lan) is about SGD 7.50 for a large plate. The sliced dough is about SGD 3.00. Refills of the soup base is free. It will be refilled in front of you. Service is extra fast (they have a queue outside).

Any bak kut teh recommendations? 🙂20130603-011458.jpg20130603-011509.jpg20130603-011517.jpg20130603-011526.jpg


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