Christmas Gifts 2013

Christmas Gifts 2013

This is the portion where I brag about all the gifts I received this Christmas so you can go ahead and skip reading this. But it’s not like I’m a materialistic freak show anyway. This is a sincere thanks to my family and friends who were thoughtful this season. Special mention to Dessie, you’ll understand why in a bit.

First of all, here is our Christmas setup at our humble HDB flat in Singapore:


I got the Christmas tree at Groupon! For real Christmas trees, you know… the ones that I would imagine smell as sweet as Alaska, you can get them from Thomson Road here in Singapore. But I wouldn’t know what to do with it once the season was over. The decorations are from IKEA (couldn’t find meatball ornaments though). The Christmas lights are from FairPrice Finest (think SM Supermarket). The boxes under the tree are from Lacoste and Louis Vuitton =p =p

My housemate added a few candy canes for added effect. Kaso hindi namin na-consider ang humidity ng Singapore… so some of the candy canes melted… ang sweet ng tree namin 🙂

Underneath the tree:


Effort Dessie! Special mention to you!
The boyfriend, excited as always.
Thanks Jenny for the placemats, drink coasters, and adorable sandok!
So cute!
Gifts from my housemates and from Toni, which I brought over from the Philippines.
My mom gave me a t-shirt (she also gave one to Neil, yihee!), a religious diary and a heartwarming card.
This one was gifted by my former officemate DJ. Look, Neil already ate through half of it.

Thank you for the thoughtful Christmas gifts! The smartphone case from my housemate, the Astroboy tee and office notepads from Toni, the pencil case from Dessie, a t-shirt and religious diary from my mom (plus the card, perhaps a nod to my coming out to her earlier this year)… and the cashew polvoron from DJ… which Neil is almost done with.

My cousin in the states also snail mail’d holiday greetings. It’s nice to see photos of family back there.

Let’s end this post with a version of the ABS-CBN 2013 Christmas SID made by some of our friends here in Singapore. If you watch through it… my boyfriend is there swinging his arms around.

Merry Christmas!

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