KFC Spicy Korean ‘Craze’ in Singapore

KFC Spicy Korean ‘Craze’ in Singapore

Everybody knows that Singapore loves to eat. You have hawker stalls, coffee shops, fast food, Indian, Malay, Chinese, Western… so much to choose from. There’s one fast food franchise in Singapore that honestly pales in taste compared to neighbouring Malaysia (and gravy-loving Philippines as well)… it’s KFC!

I have not been impressed with KFCs in Singapore.  The original recipe here is bland! A highlight when crossing the causeway to get to Johor Bahru, Malaysia is the opportunity to taste the KFC over there… and it is tasty and true enough to be finger lickin’ good. But in Singapore? The sole Jollibee in Singapore takes a foothold.

Don’t get me started on local KFC mashed potato!

But for this post who cares muna. We went ahead to try KFC Singapore’s latest gimmick, the KFC Spicy Korean Craze! Nako, Korean cuisine is one of my favourites in Asia.


I noted three variations of the KFC Spicy Korean Craze. First was the Spicy Korean Burger with Spicy Korean Fries and lemonade. The second was the 2 pcs. Spicy Korean Chicken Crunch and lemonade. The third was a burger and 1 pc. Spicy Korean Chicken Crunch. All three are individually priced no less than SGD 8.20 (PHP 275.00+). To gauge, the basic 2 pcs. chicken meal is no less than SGD 6.50 (PHP 221.00+).



The Spicy Korean Craze Crunch that came with the burger set was a tiny leg (as usual the pieces are small, let’s not start the great KFC debate on how these chickens were raised). It came sprinkled generously with sesame seeds. The glaze is just like a spicy variant of barbecue sauce.



You’ll notice we had the chicken as take-away since the KFC near our flat was crowded.

Neil was the first to try and his description was a dramatic………. “okay lang” haha

When I left the Philippines in 2012, Bon Chon was all the craze… I hated it… and this one was no exception. Anong Korean dito? What’s Korean about the taste?! lol Just another fast food gimmick like the Kampong burger at McDonalds. (Isn’t Kampong the localised version of barangay… like a little village? Barangay burger? Imagine.)

I already pre-empted the experience by ordering for take-away 2 original recipe chicken wings ala carte (SGD 3.00 or PHP 102.00). So I munched on that instead.

KFCs are all over Singapore. Some of the best chicken I’ve had are at hawker centres or like at famed stalls you can find at Chomp Chomp in Serangoon. The chicken at Jollibee here in Singapore manages to hold its own. Because I love gravy.

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