SG Flashback Friday No. 1

SG Flashback Friday No. 1

My blogging hiatus over the past two years didn’t mean I stopped documenting the things around me.  I’ll try not to bore you with photos of stuffed toys and selfies with my boyfriend.  Instead, every Friday let me introduce you to some of the more interesting things I’ve encountered since I shifted to Singapore. Stuff I haven’t shared yet.

So for the inaugural ohGeorgyy “Flashback Friday”… I’m revisiting the experiences I’ve had in Singapore while in the company of my friend Selda. She is leaving Singapore for good since she’s getting married soon.

A Singaporean barbecue?

Selda is the girl  with a cup covering half her face. Wait, uhm… let me look for a better photo…

Helping with the marinade. Photo taken in July 2012.

Whenever we were with Selda, it felt like we were tourists in our own backyard.

For example the time she brought us to the “Southernmost point of Continental Asia”. Can you imagine this is actually in Singapore not off the southern tip of Malaysia?

This photo was taken sometime in 2012.
The platform those people are standing on is the “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia”.
The Straits of Singapore

It screams tourist attraction but it was still thrilling to set foot on this little islet. It is connected to Siloso Beach by a rope bridge. We enjoyed a simple picnic while waiting for the sun to set.

Pinoy snacks!

More than half my visits to the art galleries and museums in Singapore have involved being with Selda.  We visited the Maritime Experiential Museum in Sentosa.

Those clothes used to fit me.
Ships galore.

By experiential we mean this:

Look I’m an ethnic dancer from Indonesia.

I’m such a dork at museums. I actually go read every word on all the panels.  One time at the National Museum of Singapore I took all my damn time and hadn’t realised that Selda and Neil were already waiting at the exit.

Right outside the National Museum of Singapore.

In Singapore the transportation system and infrastructure is amazing. But it also involves much walking to get between places.  During one of our barkada walkathons, we found ourselves at Keppel Bay district where the crème de la crème reside. I mean look at this building…

From the distance it looks like broken shards of glass.
Suzie and Selda.

One funny moment we had while walking was a debate on which would be better to own: a helicopter or a yacht. Most of us picked the  yacht over the helicopter.

A few minutes later we encountered…

If you look closely, there’s a helicopter parked on a yacht.

Here’s a photo of us “getting lost” right outside Marina Bay MRT.


Somewhere in Dhoby Ghaut.

Selda loves visiting Clarke Quay every September during the Autumn Lantern Festival.

Pretty lanterns are everywhere in Clarke Quay.
Different companies in Singapore sponsor the lanterns.
“Singapore Turf Club supports Chinese Culture” a simple message like that.

Thanks Selda for introducing us to some interesting spots and eateries in Singapore. She took us to Just Acia (where you can get bottomless drinks and desserts for a decent price) and Professor Brawn Cafe (great food, and it is a “social enterprise” that employs Persons with Disabilities or PWDs). There’s also Cafe Cartel which is a go-to place for comfort food.

Selda, will you miss Singapore?
Just Acia has unlimited ice cream.

We didn’t always have to go out in town with Selda. Sometimes we just invited her to go swimming with us. Like when we stayed at a condo in Yew Tee back in 2012.

This photo is a bit more dated #FlashbackFriday lol
Selda is the queen of fondue.

Neil and I would also cook for Selda. Here is a photo us at our HDB flat in Yishun in early 2013.

A Sunday lunch in Yishun.
A picnic at Siloso Beach.
4 Pics 1 Word at our chalet at Downtown East.

Selda, we’ll miss you! Congratulations to you and Tracy. 🙂

Next week on Flashback Friday: My story in Singapore began when I was job hunting and living in a backpackers’ hostel for three months. I’ll share  photos from a trip to MacRitchie Reservoir with friends I made at the hostel.

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