The No. 2 fast food burger joint in Japan (after McDonalds) has several branches in Singapore. There is a branch that is a quick seven minutes walk from our flat. Neil and I went over to try.

MOS Burger has a lot of offerings but we went for the basic menu of a MOS cheeseburger (mine, SGD 3.85 or PHP 135.00) and MOS spicy cheeseburger (his, SGD 3.65 or PHP 128.00). You can top-up for a set meal with fries and drink with an additional SGD 4.00-ish (approximately PHP 140.00). All are served in a cute basket!

You can’t take away the chill sauce from Malaysia and Singapore!
Spicy MOS Burger and MOS Cheeseburger with fries. All served in a basket.
A simple and tasty cheeseburger. Moist burger patty, petite sized bun.
Nakakabitin ang fries!

The iced tea (for an additional +.30 or +.40 cents) was my favourite. Not sugary, ahem, I meant… PURE sugary like other fast food chains. This had a more “house iced tea” authentic taste to it. Plus, they add a slice of lemon.

Poor lemons… they are trapped!

Currently there’s a promotion for a drink called “Konnyaku” (add SGD 2.00 (PHP 70.00). The auntie cleaner saw my epic curious fez and said “It’s real good! Try it! Try it!”. Sige.

Health drink daw. Parang lemon shampoo.
Om nom nom nom…
He didn’t like it. Shampoo nga daw.
MOS Burger seems to be rebranding back to its classic look.

MOS Burger is famous for its rice burgers… which I have yet to try! I’m trying to recall my days growing up on Okinawa and whether MOS was a favourite back then.

According to MOS Burger’s Facebook account (Singapore), they have 29 branches including the one that just opened at Bedok Mall.

See for yourself: πŸ™‚

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