Ang daming gastos lately so I have been trying to save where I can. Unfortunately, that means scrimping on restaurants for the past few weeks. Leslie’s Tagaytay was an exception last Christmas… but back in Singapore… puro hawker food kinakain ko lately. Ang mahal mahal kasi ng pagkain dito. Actually lahat naman ng bagay dito ay mas-mahal compared sa Manila.

But I couldn’t help it.

Papayag na sana ako mag KFC na lang (haha!) but it was a Sunday and kating kati na ako mag-restaurant uli. We ended up at a cute place called BangkokJam (no space) at the new wing of Plaza Singapura. What sold me was the “Thai Milk Tea” on the menu at the entrance. I love Thai milk tea so much I could practically bathe in it!

Winning menu design. Contemporary and not trying hard.

Like 98% of the restaurants in Singapore at 7:00pm, the place was  full of people. I noticed families, businessmen (huh, Sunday?), couples gay and straight all enjoying their meals. Appears this place has a following. The pleasant restaurant manager (I presume, he was in smart casual) allowed us to sit at a larger table.

Immediately you’ll notice the quirky interior. Like street posts with road signs of familiar Bangkok streets. They had pseudo power lines with pink birds (an interpretation I guess of Bangkok’s hot pink taxis). Even the drink coasters were cute!

Bangkok I love you!

It took us a few minutes to look through the menu (which is strange because it’s just two sides and not a family album like Thai Express). Nakakaloka kasi ang in-order lang namin was the basic stuff like Thai milk tea and noodles.

Huwag niyo na pansinin yung mga galing CR.

I ordered the Stir-fried egg noodle with crab meat and bacon (SGD 11.90 or PHP 420.00) while Neil tried the seafood pad thai (SGD 11.90 or PHP 420.00).  Both of us had Thai milk tea (SGD 4.80 or PHP 170.00). The 7% GST not included. Bale umabot din kami ng tig-SGD 20.00 or PHP 720.00. Yes, normal mall restaurant price ‘yan!

Stir-fried egg noodle with bacon and crab meat. (Notice the green chilis mixture.)
The boyfriend ordered pad thai. Healthy colour!

Usually I’m skeptic with how Thai food tastes at a “concept” restaurant. But the noodles we had at BangkokJam AND the thai milk tea all get pretty good marks! My stir-fried egg noodle had just the right portion na hindi ka mauumay. My boyfriend’s pad thai was just right… not too spicy and the ingredients were fresh.  The Thai milk tea was like 90% how I remembered it to the ones I tried in Bangkok last year.

I know it looks like I was playing around and blowing bubbles. Thai milk tea was great!

The other Thai fast food restaurants I’ve tried in Singapore are Thai Express (uhm, sorry no but not impressed… very commercial), BaliThai (pricy and not too memorable), and this one dedicated hawker stall at  Bugis Junction (SGD 5.00 or PHP 176.00, cheapest pad thai I’ve discovered so far)… oily pad thai.

BangkokJam at Plaza Singapura is really worth another visit. I’ll go for the rice meals and curries. They have a good menu too (just click here to see).

BangkokJam Website:

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