Every Flashback Friday I'll share photos that were taken at some point in the past two years during my blogging hiatus.

My parents are visiting town this weekend so I’ll just dump a few photos here for SG Flashback Friday. Last week I shared my first few days in Singapore and living in a backpackers’ hostel. This week on Flashback, I’m sharing photos from my August 2012 folder.

We lived in Yew Tee which is almost in Malaysia. lol. Lovely quiet neighborhood though!


I imported my shark from the Philippines. He was like 40% of my checked luggage!


I still had colour in my hair.


Wanting to integrate into Singapore further, I bought swim trunks. Nobody wears those basketball-sized swim shorts that’s so common at Philippine swimming pools. Mahigpit dito!


We frequented our friend’s condo at Normanton Park. Parang 2nd home na rin!


How much the initial fare for the cheapest type of cab is. August 2012.


Yew Tee to Orchard took one hour on the MRT! Grabe. I finished a book on those long rides.


HDB love. This one was taken near downtown already. Modern HDB love.


Some Japanese takeaway + The King’s Speech with Mandarin subtitles.


Cotton On days.


SG Nextbus App.


All photos were taken in August 2012 in Singapore.

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