Suzie invited us over to her condo at Normanton Park. Isa ‘to sa mga hangouts namin sa Singapore. In fact she’s been living there for almost three years. This is where we usually have our barbecues, our parties, our inumans (house drinking sessions) in Singapore.

By the time we got to Normanton Park it was almost 6:00 PM. And medyo gutom na kami so nagpadeliver kami agad ngย Canadian 2-for-1 Pizza. It’s one of those cheaper pizza delivery options. Honestly wala talaga tatalo sa Yellow Cab pizza delivery with Charlie Chan Pasta.

CNY normanton

We ordered the Standard Bacon Chesseburger Pizza (with free: Cheesy Olio Chicken Pizza) and the Gourmetย Quattro Stagioni 4 Seasons Pizzaย (with free: Pesto Cheese Pizza). Parang pare-pareho lang ang lasa… but the standard bacon cheeseburger was good. It even had bits of lettuce na parang McDonald’s Cheeseburger talaga.

CNY normanton 2

For the past few gatherings the star of the show is baby Clarebear! She was born 13 months ago and she is growing up so fast! She’s the cute daughter of our friends Bajo and Carlo.

CNY normanton 3

I wasn’t really in the mood to go swimming… but I did enjoy being near the water again. This Lunar New Year I didn’t plan any trips anywhere (kasi usually it is crowded or much more expensive, think Holy Week but this being Singapore’s version). These simple hangouts at Normanton are more than enough.

CNY normanton 4

Masarap pala ang Mountain Dew Pitch Black! I’m such a purist with Mountain Dew, which is like my official soda. But Pitch Black variant is pretty good. It’s the Dew + grapes.

Oh and I brought along Ashlee, one of my favourite stuffed toys na shark.

CNY normanton 5

CNY normanton 6

After the pool sequence we went upstairs to watch Frozen for the 3rd or 4th time. Haha! Bentang benta pa rin ang Bekinese version of “Let It Go” (I actually loathe it haha, maging Devil’s Advocate lang).

CNY normanton 7

Neil is so good with children! Wala lang. I’m not so good with children. I guess we are a match!

CNY normanton 8

I like how Clare looks at the camera after seeing the focus lamp. She’s adorable!

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