With Ang Mo Kio – Bishan Park (River Plains) in close proximity to my block, there shouldn’t be an excuse to go on a quick jog around the neighbourhood. I love the view while there. Earlier I had to stop my jog just to feel the February breeze on my skin. The view was fantastic! A sunset trying to glare over the tropical haze. Lakas maka-switch on ng Singapore Appreciation Mode. By that I mean… appreciating Singapore beyond the tourist areas. This is the heartland.

My goal every year is to be fit. Which I’ve failed repeatedly! I’ve become more down-to-earth with the dreams I set out to achieve (I still dream, yes, even if I’m hitting 30 in a few months)… so instead of wishing and hoping… it is time to just start doing!

I want to finish a 10km race in 1:10 to 1:15 this year. And perhaps next year, even faster. My current 10km is at 1:23 but that is like doing it improperly. I want to do a proper run, the kind where you don’t look like a dying bird while crossing the finish line.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 7.35.14 PM

Earlier I did a test run of my 5km route from my neighbourhood in Bishan to the middle of Ang Mo Kio – Bishan Park (where it meets Marymount Road near the intersection of Ang Mo Kio Ave 1). It was a fun run. I enjoyed seeing other joggers (one athlete guy was shirtless, haha!). I also discovered they have a “Dog Run” section of the park where so many owners brought their pets. Kids were on rollerblades and skateboards. Young and old couples were seated at park benches and enjoying the sunset. Birds chirping. Eto yung ideal park scene sa mga pelikula.

Okay don’t make fun of my jogging playlist!


You are probably thinking if I was really running and not dancing.

On the way back to my block I discovered that they have started construction on a new nursing home for the elderly. I read that residents had originally rejected the idea of having a nursing home in this area because it used to be a football field and their kids wouldn’t have a place to play anymore. Or that the air flow in this breezy part of the neighbourhood would be blocked.


Okay I won’t meddle or comment haha. All I can say is that construction is everywhere in super cities like Singapore. I have noticed that there are a lot of elderly in this neighbourhood.

I’m not an expert or barely an experienced runner (kahit sumali na ako sa Standard Chartered twice, 10km category)… but when I run I like to have my phone, EZ Link (Transportation, Basic Expenses Card) or ATM Debit Card tucked in my armband. I also have my keys and about $10 wedged in there somewhere.


Okay so earlier I managed a 5km run-walk-run-walk at 41 minutes and 43 seconds with an 8:20/km pace. Tama ba?! Haha. I hope I can run at least twice a week and work my way to 30-35 mins for the 5km.

My next run is at the 2014 Sundown Marathon on 31 May. 10km ulit!

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