MediaCorp Hong Bao Run 2014

MediaCorp Hong Bao Run 2014

I completed my fifth run in Singapore! I logged around 1:03:10 (an hour a 3 minutes+) for an 8 kilometer run. My 10km in December for Standard Chartered 2013 was about 1:40:00++. I think this is my personal best because I spent more time running than walking. My legs also didn’t go sore this time. I felt energised all throughout. Hopefully in the future I’ll be laughing at these puny statistics haha!

Mga takbo ko so far in my nearly 2 years in Singapore:

  • Jurong Lake Run 2012 (6km)… free slot courtesy my company
  • 2012 Standard Chartered Run Singapore (10km)… grabe ‘to, running downtown!
  • 2013 Sundown Marathon Singapore (10km)… mag-isa ako dito, no friends joined
  • 2013 Standard Chartered Run Singapore (10km)… no training at all, kaya naging 1:40:00++
  • MediaCorp Hong Bao Run 2014 (8km)… free slot again, kasama ang mga Pinoy sa company
Look, I got 8600 as my number.
Yours truly, with 10% shoulders. Arrrgh!
My kababayan sa company. Creative producers din sila, different departments.
The Wolf of Singapore (in compression tights!) + Little Red Riding Hood with oranges and ang paw in the basket. Cute! 🙂
I’m usually not a “morning person”… so I rarely see views like this.
The Finishers’ medal.
People waiting for the announcement of the lucky draw winner. Prize money? SGD 88,888!!!!!

The run was relaxing. Not as crowded syempre as the Standard Chartered run which is the main marathon in Singapore which happens every December. Sasali uli ako this December but undecided pa ako kung kaya ko ang 21km. Hindi ko pipilitin ang 42km na full marathon… that’s for the serious runners! I’d like to try that after five years perhaps after I achieve personal goals with 10km and half marathon 21km.

And I ditched the Kylie Minogue playlist this time. The sounds of downtown Singapore on a slow Sunday morning was something new.

Eto pala yung route for this 8km run:

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 2.30.19 AM

The route is similar to the Standard Chartered 10km route, with konting adjustment lang. It is also similar to the Sundown Marathon 10km route.

Thanks MediaCorp for the slot. Nakatipid ako ng SGD 68.00. Isang pair of sneakers din yun. 🙂

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