Flashback Friday No. 8 – Yishun

Flashback Friday No. 8 – Yishun

Every Flashback Friday I’ll share photos that were taken at some point in the past two years during my blogging hiatus.

In my two years in Singapore I’ve already lived in five different areas on the little red dot! Eunos, Lavender, Yew Tee, Yishun and Bishan. Before we settled in Bishan (which is 15-20 mins from downtown), we lived in Yishun where we had our first taste of HDB life.

Things I enjoyed at Yishun:

  • The 24/7 FairPrice supermarket at Khatib Central
  • The Japanese-themed food court at the top level of Northpoint.
  • Wendy’s at GV Yishun… late night snacking!
  • GV Yishun, the super eco-friendly facility… and tiny tiny screen
  • Jogging around the community park near our block
  • Bus 860! When it was introduced… the scent of a newly-commissioned SMRT bus.
  • The Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC) shuttle bus that used to pass by the bus stop near our flat
  • Visiting my friend and going swimming with her at Orchid Park condos.
  • Chasing after Bus 852 or 855 going to work. I don’t know why I miss this but it’s just funny.
  • McDonald’s Khatib Central… listening to a live CNN broadcast announcing that Barack Obama secured his second term as President… I was so happy and giddy I devoured my french fries so quickly.
  • Introduction to HDB life… we lived in a landed property in Eunos, a backpackers’ hostel in Lavender, and a condo in Yew Tee… before living in an HDB flat with iconic void decks, etc. 🙂

We lived in Yishun from October 2012 to July 2013.








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