I never really bothered to enter Far East Plaza because at first glance it reminds me of Lucky Plaza (not that Lucky Plaza is bad, it is just a crowded place with souvenir stores). N and I finally had time to explore some parts of Orchard that we hadn’t been to yet (or perhaps, just skimmed through previously). We headed straight for Far East Plaza because I read somewhere that it has a really good Japanese hole-in-the-wall type of resto.

The basement of Far East Plaza reminded me of a fun shopping market in Bangkok! So many cute boutiques. Parang Greenhills na rin. They also have a diverse set of food stalls at the basement level. On the upper levels of Far East Plaza you could find Indonesian restaurants and plenty of salons. I mean, seriously, PLENTY of salons. Is this the salon capital district of Singapore? I’m thinking of getting my next haircut somewhere there.

After doing a bit of exploring we couldn’t really decide where we wanted to eat. Outside we found this cute place called “5 Little Bears” which serves authentic Tai chung cuisine (Taiwan).


The ambiance played a big factor to why we strolled inside to try some of their dishes. Well honestly I just went straight for the generic Chicken Cutlet set… but the seasoning was good. The red iced tea that came along with the set reminded me of Thai milk tea which I love.

Surprisingly it wasn’t that crowded at all. In fact, Far East Plaza is a fair distance from Orchard MRT and the perennial crowds at ION. I’d like to come back here and try other things on their menu.

Visit their website: http://www.5littlebears.com

5 Little Bears – 14 Scotts Road, #01-07 Far East Plaza (S) 228213


(You can spot 5 Little Bears out facing the front from Far East Plaza)

Later that day we did a little stroll around Orchard to visit Wheelock Place, Marks & Spencer (for the groceries), Zara (barely any people were there, why is that) and Takashimaya (for St. Leaven pastries, yum!).

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