Green Corridor Run 2014

Green Corridor Run 2014

I haven’t been able to travel much lately. I was in Jakarta a few weeks ago for an extended weekend (literally extended due to a cancelled return flight to Singapore on JetStar) but that was all. I didn’t push through with Myanmar and it doesn’t look like I’ll be going to Taiwan or Japan by July. So how do I deal with being flightless this 2014? I run!

I’m not addicted to running (nor have I perfected the correct form). But I’m so eager to live an active lifestyle while in Singapore. I have friends who are so active here so I thought I should be doing something that makes me happy.


The Green Corridor Run is one of the unique ‘non-gimmicky’ foot races in Singapore. Non-gimmicky because there’s no color, foam, or flashy lights involved. It is for nature-lovers and those who are into trail running.


This was my sixth time to join a run in Singapore and my first trail run. I paid about SGD 60.00 for the registration. Kind of steep compared to other runs, but this was unique. I selected the 10:00am Wave which is the slowest bunch. I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way haha.


The length is 10.5 kilometers and it starts at the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station which was a treat itself for history buffs. I’ll share photos later.



The race kit collection happened at City Square Mall. The race kit comprised of an event singlet (neon green in color), some vouchers, and two packets of Thai curry paste (which was quite strange!). Collecting wasn’t a hassle. In fact, you only need to provide the NRIC/FIN you used to register.


Training (somewhat)

I asked S if she wanted to go on a trail run with me at MacRitchie Reservoir on Vesak Day, a holiday in Singapore. She agreed and we hit the beautiful reservoir on a sunny afternoon.



We were planning to go to the Treetop Walk but it was already closed by the time we got there. We wanted to walk-run-hike the perimeter of MacRitchie Reservoir but we encountered some creepy insects that freaked us out. There was a huge ant (brown to reddish in color according to S) which made S laugh because I freaked out over it. But while we were laughing about that… she saw something that made her SCREAM… this S is a tough girl, so something to make her SCREAM that loud freaked me out. Both of us ran as fast as we could away from whatever she saw… she told me it was a big millipede. #stress #omg #escape


The MacRitchie trail run was brief. I guess I only ran about 3 kilometers of the overall 8km distance we made. I’ve had a chance to train on pavement at AMK-Bishan Park previously so I guess (I GUESS) I’m ready for the Green Corridor Run.



Green Corridor Run

Getting on the MRT wearing running shorts and a bright neon green singlet made me feel a bit uncomfortable. If I had broad shoulders or toned legs then why not di ba. But I don’t have broad shoulders 😛 and I have chicken legs.


I made my way to Tanjong Pagar. Because I recently started working there, I knew how to get around. The old railway station happens to be just a few more meters beyond a hawker corner I recently ate at. I saw groups of runners making their way to the station so I followed them.


The only sunshine that whole morning quickly disappeared as clouds rolled in. A torrential downpour started and this was threatening to cancel the event. Personally, half the struggle is getting to the venue itself. None of my friends were running. This was my own thing.


I didn’t get to take much pictures of the old railway station. I tried to imagine the significance it once played in Singapore’s history. This railway connected Tanjong Pagar to Kuala Lumpur. Now, trains only run from Malaysia up until Woodlands if I’m not mistaken.



The first wave began about 20 or 30 minutes behind schedule. I didn’t mind what time we would start as long as we could still race. They announced we could commence running around 10:40am, 40 minutes after our original schedule. Who cares as long as we can run. 🙂


It was raining but I didn’t notice a single person who was complaining. I mean, this was a trail run. So this was probably a trail runner’s dream: rain, mud, and gravel.

I managed to run without stopping for only 2 kilometres. Omg lame! 10.5km run and my momentum ended at 2km. My running shoes were soaked. There were raindrops all over my glasses. I ran and walked, taking in the beauty of trail running just steps away from suburban Singapore.


The latter half of the race the rain worsened and a thunderstorm was happening. I am so scared of lightning. There were about three or four lightning strikes in the distance. One lightning strike was on a field to my left… which made me freak out and want to jog to the next underpass. Swish-splash, my shoes and socks drenched. My lower legs muddied!


There were several underpasses but the elevation of the trail run was pretty consistent and straightforward. While “training” at MacRitchie, the elevation changed several times.


Drink stations were available every 2 to 3 kilometres. I noticed clearly marked exit signs perhaps for easy use in emergencies. These exits were placed at areas that were just a stone’s throw away from a paved backroad or landed property (house). An ambulance was parked at one so it felt re-assuring somewhat.

The rain did not stop.


Finally, the finish line was at Bukit Timah Railway Station. I completed the 10.5km race in 1 hour and 45 minutes… haha, quite slow! But I’m glad I did it. 🙂


Entitlements? A Finisher’s Medal. The material felt a bit cheap though considering I paid SGD 60.00. 😛


They served bottled cold water, a green banana, and a glass of 100Plus at the Finish Line. The historic Bukit Timah Railway Station was filled with runners cleaning their shoes and taking selfies.


My boyfriend surprised me and picked me up. He brought a warm towel, slippers, and a change of clothes. He’s never picked me up from a run before. 🙂


Thanks Green Corridor Run for the experience!

My next run: Sundown Marathon 2014 (10km) 🙂

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