Using POPStation to collect your parcels

Using POPStation to collect your parcels

There’s a dilemma about online shopping. What happens when I’m not home to collect the package? What if the package doesn’t fit in the pigeonhole… (asked no one EVER) What if I don’t want lubricant delivered to my office address?

I don’t do much online shopping (mostly because having a Philippines-based credit card limits my transaction because the foreign exchange SGD to PHP can rip me off). But I did chance upon trying ZALORA. I felt like ordering a shirt and a tee.

During check-out at ZALORA, you are to indicate how you want your clothes to be delivered. Curious to try the POPStation here in Bishan, I selected that option. Oh goodie, I get to meet and greet those blue lockers. #giddy



The POP in POPStation stands for “Pick your Own Parcel” and these lockers are strategically located around Singapore. They connect with merchants and online shops so deliveries can be made to these “lockers” (unless this is like some STAR TREK thing where your orders are secretly teleported inside).

You get to pick which POPStation it is delivered to. GPS helps find the closest one to you. The ones at the Bishan Community Club looked shiny and new.


Once your package arrives, you will be notified by text message. A PIN code is issued and all you have to do is key in the code at the computer prompt along with which locker the text message says your package is in.




It’s really easy! I mean… no more worrying about having to stay home on a Saturday just to collect your parcel. You can collect anytime 24/7 so it is quite convenient. The efficiency makes you want to keep on shopping. lol



You can learn more about POPStation here.

As for my first purchase with Zalora… it’s quite okay. I seem to think the offerings at ASOS are better. But then again I’m totally new to online shopping.

3 thoughts on “Using POPStation to collect your parcels

  1. Hi Georgy! I, too, ordered something from Zalora and opted to pick it up at the very same POPStation near you. I hope I can receive it before Monday so I wanted to ask: How long did you have to wait in between confirming your order and getting the SMS notification from SingPost? Thanks!


  2. Hi Rachel, hmmm… took only a day or two if I remember. The whole process happened by quickly. 🙂


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