5 Places to get Filipino groceries in Singapore

I used to stuff half of my luggage with Filipino groceries before flying back to Singapore. I had no idea that most of the Filipino groceries I wanted were already available at several locations in Singapore. They are up to three times the price but it’s not like I’m able to fly to Manila every other week.

Several grocery store chains in Singapore carry Filipino products. It just takes a bit of patience and searching. Most stores feature them prominently in their international sections, while some you’ll find squeezed between non-Filipino products (like seeing Century Tuna next to Ayam Brand.)

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3 Filipino food stalls to try at the new Lau Pa Sat

Office workers in downtown Singapore welcomed the re-opening of Lau Pa Sat a few weeks ago. The iconic downtown hawker centre features improved ventilation (massive ceiling fans), new tables and seats (similar to the ones at the new Chinatown Food Street), and a functional grand clock that chimes every 15 minutes.

While the new Lau Pa Sat looks like a fabulous upgrade, you sort of feel like the old charm of the place is slowly draining away.

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Damages brought by Typhoon Glenda in Cavite

Typhoon Glenda (international name: Rammasun) passed over my home province in the Philippines. My family in Tanza experienced the strength of the typhoon. My mom was rather calm when she described how strong the gusts were (if I were there, I would have panicked because as a kid I used to get nightmares of being chased by a tornado). Power was knocked out for over 60 hours. In the 15 years we’ve had that house in Cavite, I don’t recall electricity for having gone out for that long.

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Turning 29: Tour de Tanglin

I’m at the twilight of my twenties. (Should I be worried?)

I hope in 2015 I’ll be spending my 30th birthday bringing my family to Korea or Taiwan. #wishlist

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Jakarta: ARTOTEL Thamrin (Review)

A few weeks back I spent a few days in Jakarta with my boyfriend and our mudra (that sort of means “mother”, in perhaps what is probably outdated gay linggo). Yes, Jakarta! The capital city of Remarkable Indonesia. A metropolis on one of the world’s most populated islands. The raw vibe, the energy… goodness, it’s overwhelming and exciting. Writing about it now makes me already want to go back. Continue reading

How to get to Johor Bahru from Singapore

The narrow Straits of Johor divides Singapore from Malaysia. The two countries can look at each other all afternoon. The original “bridge” between the two is the Johor-Singapore Causeway, built almost a hundred years ago. A second link opened in 1998 to connect Singapore’s west coast (Tuas) to Malaysia. The Causeway I passed through earlier is the most popular one, which connects directly into downtown Johor Bahru, which is Peninsular Malaysia’s southernmost city. I also read it’s considered the southernmost city on the Eurasian continent.

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