Almost forgot to post this! My friends and I took part in Jurong Lake Run 2014. It was the first Jurong Lake Run to take place in the evening. The race was my first back in 2012. I missed out in 2013. I registered this year because (a) it takes place in the evening, (b) Jurong Lake is beautiful, and (c) I needed something to keep my mind distracted after dropping my boyfriend at the airport that same day.

Race kit includes a singlet, race bib with timing device, brochures, flyers, a sample of “Spatone”, and three sample packets of Kiehl’s.

The race had a 2.5km, 6km, and a 10km route. I picked the 10km route since it’s been standard. This was also my third race within two months (after Green Corridor Run 2014 and Sundown Marathon 2014).


The race was fine. At first I thought it would be enjoyable to run at sunset. Yes, I did get beautiful views of Jurong Lake. But while running I realised that people’s sweat is a tad bit smellier in the late afternoon compared to, let’s say… a morning run. The Sundown Marathon happens around 11PM where temperatures are cooler. They should have given out body spray at the 2km mark haha. So maarte I know.

A group called “Running Shots” apparently took photos of the runners. I look fucking horrible! Why can’t I look like Exhibit A.

Photos courtesyΒ Running ShotsΒ on Facebook… theyΒ are made of AWESOME.

It’s been more than a week already and there are no race results yet. I think I clocked in around 1:30-ish if I’m not mistaken. I’m still trying to get 10km in under 1:10:00. (Sigh)

I have no upcoming races. But I’m gearing up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore in December where I can hopefully try my first Half Marathon (21.xxxx kilometers).


3 responses to “Jurong Lake Run 2014”

  1. Nice job at the race! I know, why do running pics always seem to be unattractive? I swear, out of like 10 pictures of me running I’ll only kind of like one, haha!


  2. nice blog, I really wanted to join a international running event specially with such beautiful scenery but I don’t know how to join and where to start. πŸ™‚ I’m base in Manila btw. thanks and more power.


  3. Try to join the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore in December. It’s the biggest running event in Singapore and it attracts thousands of foreigners. There are so many Filipinos that run. Try registering at – the annual run takes place every December. This year it’s on December 7. πŸ™‚


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