I used to stuff half of my luggage with Filipino groceries before flying back to Singapore. I had no idea that most of the Filipino groceries I wanted were already available at several locations in Singapore. They are up to three times the price but it’s not like I’m able to fly to Manila every other week.

Several grocery store chains in Singapore carry Filipino products. It just takes a bit of patience and searching. Most stores feature them prominently in their international sections, while some you’ll find squeezed between non-Filipino products (like seeing Century Tuna next to Ayam Brand.)

I just dumped all my Filipino groceries in my checked luggage on Philippine Airlines!

So where can you grab Filipino groceries like Silver Swan soy sauce, Datu Puti suka (vinegar), and the ubiquitous Pancit Canton?

Head over to these places:

  1. Lucky Plaza (near Orchard MRT)
  2. ValuDollar (various locations island-wide)
  3. FairPrice Xtra (International aisle; at towns like Ang Mo Kio and Serangoon)
  4. Giant (International shelf; spotted in Bishan)
  5. Neighbourhood Filipino Stores

Lucky Plaza

Just a few meters away from Orchard MRT is a one-stop shop for overseas Filipinos in Singapore. It is a hodgepodge of remittance centres, travel agencies, souvenir shops, Filipino mini-restaurants, and grocery stores.

An example of a Filipino grocery store at Lucky Plaza.

Essentially, Lucky Plaza is the best spot in Singapore to grab Filipino products. There are so many Filipino stores and most of them look the same almost. You can grab showbiz magazines, C2 apple-flavoured green tea, chicharon, Philippine SIM cards, Reno liver spread, Bench Fix hair wax, frozen bangus (milkfish), Likas Papaya (that skin whitening soap), etc. The prices are inflated but the convenience of having these products available at the heart of Singapore’s shopping district pretty much makes up for it.

Just enter Lucky Plaza and you’ll run into these stores on the second, third, and fourth levels.


The cheapest groceries in Singapore are the ones that are about to expire. You can find these goods at ValuDollar. Surprisingly, somewhere in the eclectic mix of batteries and toothpaste you’ll find some Filipino products like Del Monte Tomato Sauce, assorted Pinoy chichirya (chips) like Chippy, and chocolates like ChocoMucho. Feel free to buy a few clothes hangers too.


I spotted Filipino products at the ValuDollar store right outside Toa Payoh MRT (a few meters away from the fare gates).

FairPrice Xtra

One of the largest grocery store chains in Singapore carries Filipino products in their international section. You’ll find Mang Tomas (branded sauce for lechon), Century Tuna, various Purefoods canned goods, Lucky Me Pancit Canton, Mama Sita’s assorted mixes (for caldareta, etc.), Knorr seasoning, etc.





FairPrice Xtra is the larger store variation of the FairPrice chain. The branch I visited was FairPrice Xtra in Ang Mo Kio. There is a FairPrice Xtra in Serangoon too.


If there’s a Giant supermarket chain located near you, be sure to check out their international shelves. I was surprised to find a few shelves dedicated to Filipino groceries (“Philippines ranges” says the signage) even if the store didn’t have an international section.




The Giant supermarket near our HDB block has some Filipino products like Silver Swan vinegar (for adobo) and a disproportionate amount of Java sauce mix for rice (like an entire shelf had so many bottles!). I spotted Alaska Cream, canned laing (taro leaves in coconut milk), Lady’s Choice sandwich spread, and even Goldilocks polvoron.

Giant has various stores island-wide. I spotted these Filipino goods at Bishan Blk 525. Here’s a link to Giant’s website listing their locations in Singapore.

Neighborhood “sari-sari” stores

Interestingly, there are several “mom ‘n pop” style Filipino stores at different neighbourhoods in Singapore. I used to shop at one in Yishun when we lived there back in 2012.


I spotted Filipino store kiosks at Jurong East Bus Interchange and Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange as well. I’ve listed them below:

  • “Panindang Pinoy Trading” at Yishun Street 22 (Block 291) – see FB page
  • “Katipunan’s Filipino Store” in Toa Payoh (Block 177) – see FB page
  • “Katipunan” Filipino Mini-mart at Tampines Central – see FB page
  • “Katipunan” Filipino Mini-mart at NEX/Serangoon Bus Interchange  – see FB page
  • “Pinoy General Trading and Supplies” in Woodlands (at “The Woodgrove” pocket mall)
  • “The Filipino Store” (Filipino grocery stall) at Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange
  • “Kalayaan” (Filipino grocery stall) at Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange

*I’ll personally visit these stores (soonest, hopefully) to take new notes too!*

Curious about some Filipino products? If you pass by these aisles, look for these to try:

  • Skyflakes, in my opinion, is like the national cracker of the Philippines.
  • Goldilocks polvoron (any flavour), a popular powdered snack and pasalubong (gift)
  • Chippy, cheap “Pinoy chichirya” corn brand chips, to snack on
  • Lucky Me Pancit Canton, instant noodles (Philippines’ equivalent of Indomee Mi Goreng)
  • San Miguel Beer – need I say more? Really great beer.

I still have trouble looking for these Filipino products:

  • C2 Apple / Lemon drink (they are at Lucky Plaza, but apparently I haven’t spotted them anywhere else)
  • Purefoods Jumbo Hotdogs (the tastiest hotdogs there is… very hard to find, most likely in Lucky Plaza but for a steep price)
  • Tocino (cured sweet pork) and Longganisa (popular Filipino sausage)

Where do you buy your Filipino products? What Filipino products do you enjoy?

11 responses to “5 Places to get Filipino groceries in Singapore”

  1. I am looking for plain pork rinds for my uncle who is on a strict diet. He can’t seem to find them in Singapore. I hear that Filipino store may have them. Have you seen them there?


  2. Ohh, I haven’t had a chance to take a look. I’ll let you know if I seem some. Try Lucky Plaza at Orchard? Filipino stores in the heartland areas usually sell dry products only.


  3. Try Mustafa centre! I bought the Likas soap bars there for a dollar or so! Totally worth it.I am sure the other products might be found – hopefully cheaper!


  4. where can i buy wilkins distelled water??anyone pls help im n Sg now and thats the only water my baby using for his formula… tnx


  5. Thanks alot. Was looking for filipino stores to buy snacks and some food products my filipino friends who are working in singapore to make them feel more at home. Thanks alot!!!!:)


  6. I’ve just started blogging again recently and I enjoy getting a chance to follow other bloggers. It’s great there’s still a community of bloggers after all these years haha. 😀


  7. Where can I get the “OPTIMO” brand coffee -3 in 1 which is of Philippines origin in Singapore. Thanks.


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