After watching The Purge Anarchy at Shaw Lido, my friend Suzie and I were craving for sinigang. But we ended up daing for daing na bangus. (LAME.) We had some at Kabayan restaurant in Lucky Plaza. I also got to remit to pay off a Philippine credit card. Today’s rate was SGD 1.00 = PHP 34.80.


So happens we chanced upon the inaugural PEDESTRIAN NIGHT at Orchard! Every first Saturday of the month, organisers will shut down a portion of Orchard Road and turn it into a festive walk for people. It’s a good idea because Orchard is pretty crowded even on a weekday. Maybe the traffic scheme will change one day. This could be Singapore’s Main Street. Imagine a permanent pasar malam (night market), with good food and street performances for locals, residents, and tourists.



There was a point this evening where my friend Suzie and I were just sitting down and looking at this view. We weren’t talking too. It’s like the both of us decided to just sit there and contemplate.

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