Why the Singapore Sports Hub is my new favourite place in SG

Why the Singapore Sports Hub is my new favourite place in SG


Orchard is crowded, Esplanade and Marina Bay have been photographed too many times, and Gardens by the Bay (my other favourite place) is too far from cheaper food options. Here at the Singapore Sports Hub, away from the buzz of cars and buses… it’s peaceful. A beautiful view of the Kallang River basin greets you. There’s a koptiam / Foodfare at Kallang Wave. Kallang Wave has a couple more cheaper food options. You can also head over to the older mall, Kallang Leisure Mall, for other food options and a cinema (Film Garde).

There are events at the Sports Hub and activities you can also do like swimming, biking, jogging, playing beach volleyball, or skateboarding. There’s a basketball area. The area is serviced by an MRT just a short walk (Stadium MRT), unlike Bayfront MRT at Gardens by the Bay which still feels like it’s far from everything.

The space is large and vast. So even if it were crowded, there’s more room to move around.

It’s a great alternate place to see Singapore’s skyline. 🙂

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