Photos: Tune Hotel klia2 (KLIA, Malaysia)

I’ve always wanted to try Tune Hotel. My past accommodations in KL were hostels in Chinatown and hotels in parts of the city. I’ve never stayed at an airport hotel before.

J and I booked a night at Tune Hotel klia2 which is connected to the new klia2 terminal. Incredibly convenient and (above) budget-friendly. While a night here isn’t as cheap as a place downtown, I love how it’s just outside the budget terminal. The facilities look clean. Convenient for those who are stopping quickly over in KL.

We booked a double bed for MYR 200.00 (SGD 78.00/PHP 2,600). Checking in at midnight with an intention to check out by 9am. Oh, and the staff at the reception were warm and welcoming.





My first impressions of klia2

It’s massive! Felt like getting off the plane and reaching the immigration counters was a longer affair than the actual flight from Singapore to KL.

The large space is amazing in the sense of functionality. It’s essentially just a low-cost “budget terminal” but built at such supersized scale. I am impressed because Malaysia has built a large terminal for budget travellers. We are not getting some crappy old warehouse of a building. Here we have a monument for the thrifty no-frills air traveller.


The hallmarks of LCCT, the now ancient budget terminal, are back: Old Town White Coffee and Marrybrown. But the dim halls, fragrant scents, are now gone. klia2 gateway is like a shopping mall with airplanes parked nearby.

Photos and Videos: FDS at the 32nd Singapore River Regatta (8-Nov-2014)

FDS won silver and bronze in the International Business Community Mixed and Open categories. You can see videos I took at the end of this post. We headed down to Boat Quay to watch them compete against other expat teams. I’ve never seen so many dragon boat teams in one spot. Congratulations FDS!

The rest in photos (and videos at the end).

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Saying “goodbye” to my iPhone 5

Because the iPhone 6 is sold out across Singapore, I went ahead with the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s massive. The screen is in your face. And reading Viber messages that look like they were written in size 36 font is the new normal. My voucher was due to expire so I didn’t want to wait further. I’ve named it PHOEBE, the youngest of the three original Halliwells on Charmed.


Supermodelme Sirens press event at Kinki

Our channel and its partners launched Supermodelme Sirens at a press event yesterday. It was at Kinki, a Japanese resto-bar in upscale Collyer Quay (almost pronounced like KALERKY). Good times! Two Filipino models are in the bunch (one from Manila, the other from Australia). 2013 Miss Universe Singapore, Shi Lim, is also one of the models. I wanted to have a photo with her being a pageant fan but I’m too shy! Our marketing team and other colleagues were so busy to put this event up. Congrats guys. Cocktails pls!