Photos and Videos: FDS at the 2014 Singapore National Games (1-Nov-2014)

Photos and Videos: FDS at the 2014 Singapore National Games (1-Nov-2014)

The Filipino Dragons (Singapore) (FDS) participated as guests today at the 2014 Singapore National Games. It was great to watch them in action! I took some photos of FDS (and other teams). You can see some videos I took at the end of the photo collection.

Look at that form.
Well… good morning JC.
After three dragon boat sessions, I’m in love with that sensation on the boat.
Golden Mile Complex in the background.
The Kallang Basin is gorgeous.
I was keen on watching the event today because I wanted to observe proper form while paddling.
Cyrus and other FDS members making their way.
Jaz (man seated on the boat at the front) is the current captain for the male team.
This is the first time I saw them use a different dragon boat (DBS). FDS has it’s own boats.
I was awestruck by their energy. Makes me want to train real hard.
FDS Ann making her way.
These guys aren’t from FDS but I was admiring their form. LOL
This group (I’ve tried researching their logo on the cap) were a fun and happy bunch. I loved their energy!
Suzie arriving to join us in watching FDS.
Some members of the FDS female team making their way (with the PHP logo obviously). The lady in the pink cap is the current captain of the female FDS team.
Members of the female FDS team start paddling out.
Notice the PHP themed paddles?
I am still studying how to get the proper A-form. Jen, the team captain (in the pink hat), has been our trainer.
Here’s Archie, who I met at Tanjong Beach during one of FDS’ parties. He was the steerer this morning.
Here’s Paul from the FDS male team.
The FDS female team returning after their race.
The 2014 Singapore National Games are being held at the Singapore Sports Hub until 9 November.

Here are two videos taken from this morning:

Male Team 1 – 200 meters (I don’t know the jargon yet! I promise to update this.)

Female Team (partly obscured – they are in Lane 5 or Boat 5)

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