Race Report: Singapore Airlines Charity Run 2014

Race Report: Singapore Airlines Charity Run 2014

Like I said in a previous post, besides “giving to charity”, I joined the SIA Charity Run because I wanted to own a singlet with the Singapore Airlines logo on it (just being completely honest!). I mean it is one of the world’s best airlines right?! Speaking of SQ, they are soaring this year after being being the main sponsor behind F1 Night Race in Singapore.

The starting point was called “TAKE OFF”.

Race Length: 5km (Fun Run/Walk)

Start and End Point: F1 Pit

This was my first non-competitive race and first time to wear a race bib that doesn’t have a timing chip attached to it.

I reached the starting pen around 7:59 AM but it was so crowded that I became part of the “8:10 AM Departure”, their thematic way of saying wave. I took a photo of the “Take Off” sign at the starting point and started my RunKeeper to track my run. Somehow, it felt quite crowded. There were many runners that morning. We were one massive hoard. I was unable to meet any of my colleagues before and during the race.

At one point there was a bottleneck underneath a bridge. Running was impossible for about two minutes as people made a tight squeeze to reach the park on the way back to the F1 Pit finish line. I didn’t mind it that much since it was a 5km fun run/walk. I was in a hurry to finish because I had a 9:00 AM call time with Filipino Dragons Singapore (FDS).

The last sprint towards the “ARRIVAL” sign (Finish Line) was similar to the Sundown Marathon 10KM route where you pass by it but make a U-turn a few more meters down. I passed by these two guys in superhero costumes riding a cardboard “Singapore Airlines” plane.

Personal results. I clocked in at 38 mins and 34 seconds for the 5KM run (but on my RunKeeper it says 4.63 KM, not even close to 5KM). My average pace was 8 mins and 19 seconds, quite slow! But given the people traffic of 60/40 walkers to runners.

With some colleagues.

I collected my medal, a bottle of water, and an icy bottle of Pocari Sweat. I hunted down some colleagues for a photo op. I was in a hurry to leave the area and reach Kallang Riverside Park for my dragon boat newbie session.

Good race. I wish I had trained a bit more so I could have joined the runners at the front of the pack.

Disclaimer: My company sponsored slots for employees.

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