Attending PromaxBDA Asia 2014 at The Arts House at the Old Parliament

My company sent us to PromaxBDA this year. This was my 2nd time to attend the PromaxBDA and I got to enjoy a few sessions about TV trailer production. Even better was to share the same space with people in the industry who come from other cable networks like HBO, MTV, Nichelodeon, AXN, and various other TV channels in Asia. #promoGEEK ?

The venue was once again at the fabulous The Arts House at the Old Parliament. My favourite session this year was the one done by Mr. Simon Kemp from WeAreSocial. It’s like I felt everything he said is something most TV companies should have been doing five years ago. TV people, let’s not get left behind please! (Disclaimer: I’ve done my digital pitching with my current company and everyone seems enthusiastic about it. I do have a supportive manager.)

If I weren’t a TV promo producer, I’d be full time digital/social for television. šŸ˜›

Anyway, my friend won another gold Promax. Congrats girl! I also ran into former colleagues at MediaCorp and ABS-CBN.




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