This boutique hotel located near Changkat Bukit Bintang is wonderfully located in terms of accessing the monorail, KL Pavillion, and KLCC (via a covered walkway). That is if you don’t mind that the neighbourhood is a party place and you can hear the music thumping even in your room.

I’ve stayed at backpacker’s places before and to be honest, Rainforest BnB was a bit of a let-down during our visit because all the rooms we got had poor air conditioning. I rarely complain but with KL’s humidity beating down on you, the a/c in the rooms was almost non-existent. The staff was friendly enough to give us a different room, but my friend and I encountered the same problem.

The “breakfast” portion was also a let-down because I was expecting a bit more above the standard backpacker fare of toast and jam.

Stay here if you want easy access to everything in Bukit Bintang and don’t mind the party music at 2 o’clock in the morning. Consider this place because it is photogenic and if you don’t mind terrible air-conditioning. Or, if you plan to book, ask for rooms where the a/c is functional.

But as I’m reaching my 30s soon, I feel like it’s time to graduate from staying at backpacker places (even if this is more of a “bed and breakfast” boutique hotel)… I’d like to stay at 3-4 star hotels in my next travels.



Rainforest BnB website:


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