FDS at MR500 2015 Jurong Lake.

Reasons why I joined FDS

  • To develop my body.
  • To improve my social skills.
  • To create a schedule in Singapore.

I’m sick of dreaming about having a buff body. I’m turning 30 in a few months and I want to set in motion a goal to look fit and fabulous in my early 30s.

I know I can improve my social skills. Joining a dragon boat team teaches you how to be a good sport. It also teaches you to be humble and to listen.

Before FDS, my life in Singapore was divided between work and home. I would visit museums or go out in town to meet friends. But it was always this free-for-all. Now that I train four times weekly, it makes me appreciate more the non-training moments. Each minute counts while you’re in Singapore. FDS has helped me organise my schedule.

With Kap Jen. She was co-captain when I joined FDS in late 2014.


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