Earlier we had a supplement land training which involved a large tire, jump rope, a park bench, and a giant shoelace. I’m in awe with our team captain who was there for over four hours training each and every one of us.

The exercise this evening

Jump rope for 30 seconds. I haven’t jumped rope in years! Nakaka-addict pala.

Turn over a large and moderately heavy tire ten times. Must do it in proper form which is to squat, keep back straight, and use arms to give it an explosive push. Ang bigat!

Jump onto a park bench 15 times. Need to use legs to fully absorb impact on said bench.

Run back to the jump rope and repeat three times. Minimal rest.

Finally, concluding with the giant shoelace. Which is a series of exercises involving the upper body while maintaining balance and a strong core. This exercise was timed and intense because you have to keep going. Endurance!

Rope exercise by Kallang River

I was sweating in the Singapore evening humidity. But it felt good. And theΒ Kallang 5Β chicken right after was tasty. Thanks FDS Training Comm for the supplement land training program.

FDS Mabuhay!

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