FDS Sunday Water Training (April 12, 2015)

Call time: 8:45 AM

Our routines involved 500 and 250 meter drills. We also worked on our longs and charges. Super happy ang Sunday morning water training. We were quite a happy bunch earlier. 🙂

Boracay is less than two weeks away! Omg. Kaya ko ba ‘to?!

Experiencing the 9th Annual American Dragons Mardi Gras

First time at attempting to mingle with other expat teams since joining the Filipino Dragons a few months back. I say attempt… Lol… since while I did smile and make an effort to meet some people, TBH it felt like I was in a school yard. Grateful to have met a few nice people from different teams.

It was fun to see everyone come together. A key takeaway? I know how the other expat teams are like.

Thanks American Dragons.



Cheaper toiletries in Singapore? Try Swanstons in Chinatown

I ran out of Nivea Sun Protection so I was told I could find cheap toiletries at a place called Swanston in Chinatown. I bought my last one at SM Mall of Asia back in December. The standard price for Nivea Sun Protection is about SGD 20.00 at FairPrice.

At Swanston it costs only SGD 13.90! Cue Final Fantasy fanfare music.

Getting to Swanston is easy. Look for Exit C which exits into a courtyard next to the People’s Park Complex Food Centre. Take the escalator up to the 2nd floor and turn right. Head down the corridor until you see a busy store with toiletries sprawled around.

I spotted other finds as well. My fave Listerine Green Tea “flavour” was selling at SGD 5.80. It’s about SGD 10.00+ at FairPrice and SGD 7.00 at Venus Beauty if I’m not mistaken. I also spotted shampoo at below SGD 6.00. If I were to hoard on toiletries, this would be the place to go. I could save plenty of dollars here.

Swanston’s is at People’s Park Complex Food Centre, 2nd floor. 32 New Market Road, Singapore 050032

FDS Water and Land Training (April 9, 2015)

Two trainings today! I left the office early to rush to Kallang Riverside Park. While walking over to the FDS Cage, you can’t help but notice this pretty sight:

Supplement Water Training (5:30 PM) – A series of 10-minute routines. I was sitting next to the coach so nakaka-pressure! There were only about ten of us. Sarap mag-paddle at sunset. I feel my energy is better at this time compared to early morning.

FDS Attendance Shot – Supplement Water Training (April 9, 2015) – Thanks Donna for the photo.
The Singapore National Team is sponsored by Under Armour.

Regular Land Training (6:45 PM) – The weights were out and more people gathered for the land training. Like in previous weeks, it was done in a circuit. We worked on upper body, legs, abs, and endurance. I’m trying to work on the Russian Twist.

FDS Attendance Shot – Regular Land Training (April 9, 2015) – Thanks Suzie for the photo.
The evening scene.

Great training! Consecutive na this past week:

  • Monday’s supplement land training with rope.
  • Tuesday’s pool training.
  • Wednesday at gym.

Throwback Thursday (April 9, 2015)

Looking at some old photos taken almost three years ago. I moved to Singapore in 2012.

With two of my lovely colleagues from MediaCorp. We’ve all moved onwards now. I miss them!
With Rachael and Neil at MediaCorp.

FDS Pool Training (April 7, 2015)

First time to sit behind a pacer during pool training. A lot of the seniors were absent so it was a good opportunity to sit closer to the front and observe. The paddler in front of me is one of the most muscular on the team.

I can say that I feel I have improved compared to previous pool trainings. I don’t stop half way during a program. My only issue is that I’m experiencing the paddle slip from my hand, so I have to do better at maintaining the grip.

As for leaning forward I can do more, as one of the co-captains said to me. The pool water is heavier but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Overall good training this evening.

Supplement Land Training (April 6, 2015)

Earlier we had a supplement land training which involved a large tire, jump rope, a park bench, and a giant shoelace. I’m in awe with our team captain who was there for over four hours training each and every one of us.

The exercise this evening

Jump rope for 30 seconds. I haven’t jumped rope in years! Nakaka-addict pala.

Turn over a large and moderately heavy tire ten times. Must do it in proper form which is to squat, keep back straight, and use arms to give it an explosive push. Ang bigat!

Jump onto a park bench 15 times. Need to use legs to fully absorb impact on said bench.

Run back to the jump rope and repeat three times. Minimal rest.

Finally, concluding with the giant shoelace. Which is a series of exercises involving the upper body while maintaining balance and a strong core. This exercise was timed and intense because you have to keep going. Endurance!

Rope exercise by Kallang River

I was sweating in the Singapore evening humidity. But it felt good. And the Kallang 5 chicken right after was tasty. Thanks FDS Training Comm for the supplement land training program.

FDS Mabuhay!

My Summer Wishlist


  1. Trivium Carbon Dragon Boat Paddle
  2. G-Shock Watch
  3. Oakley Sunglasses
  4. Adidas gym bag
  5. Funky pair of swim shorts
  6. PS4
  7. JBL Bluetooth Speakers
  8. Lumix digital camera
  9. New pair of Adidas running shoes