If this city was ours

Imagine this place with no one else but the two of us. It would be creepy as fuck. But as we battle the unnerving silence or bouts of isolation, we would still have each other. Hearts beating in a surreal environment.

Because we give zero fucks.

Because we could do whatever we feel like doing with no one or nothing to stop us.


Why I joined a dragon boat team


FDS at MR500 2015 Jurong Lake.

Reasons why I joined FDS

  • To develop my body.
  • To improve my social skills.
  • To create a schedule in Singapore.

I’m sick of dreaming about having a buff body. I’m turning 30 in a few months and I want to set in motion a goal to look fit and fabulous in my early 30s.

I know I can improve my social skills. Joining a dragon boat team teaches you how to be a good sport. It also teaches you to be humble and to listen.

Before FDS, my life in Singapore was divided between work and home. I would visit museums or go out in town to meet friends. But it was always this free-for-all. Now that I train four times weekly, it makes me appreciate more the non-training moments. Each minute counts while you’re in Singapore. FDS has helped me organise my schedule.


With Kap Jen. She was co-captain when I joined FDS in late 2014.


Thursday afternoon water training with FDS

The team is currently training for the 9th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival. It will take place on the Philippine island later this month. Omg, excited!

Look how calm the water is after a storm.

I thought our supplement Thursday water training would be cancelled by a thunderstorm. Good thing by 5:30 PM the weather started to calm. This was the first time I joined a supplement water training. Our usual WTs are on weekends.