RIOT! Drag Show at TAB Orchard

RIOT! Drag Show at TAB Orchard

We got tickets to RIOT! earlier (May 9, 2015 show) which was hosted by Singapore’s own drag queen Becca D’Bus (Clever salute to the civil rights movement) and featured drag queens Mona Kee Kee (and the Vajajays), Noristar, and Layla Onfire. With the special participation of Vanda Miss Joaquim during Layla’s Alaska Thunderfvck performance.

Oh my… I’m now familiar with our local drag queens!

Great show and great to be able to support the local drag scene. I’ve seen Willam, Alyssa Edwards, and Laganja Estranja from RPDR in two previous shows. This was the first to catch local drag queens exclusively.

With Mona Kee Kee!
With B and Greg.
The queens of RIOT! (May 9, 2015 show).


Some scenes from RIOT! Drag Show.