I’m back at training! Almost two weeks offline from FDS. I’ve missed it! Paddling is addicting. I rushed over to the swimming complex before the sun had set. I got to swim a little bit and catch up with my teammates. Today’s program was on quick drive and keeping up with the rest. I think we had about six or seven cycles in the pool. I sat in the back of the queue because I’m still dealing with my sore rib cage issue. Ayoko maging nuisance!

voila… still day time!
so happy to be back! trying not to be too giddy. poker face muna.
YAAAASSSSSS. DBS Marina Regatta we’re coming for you.

today’s attendance photo – FDS Pool Training on May 12, 2015

Also, picked up ON Serious Mass from Gymmboxx Bishan. Bought it online via FitLion and they deliver it for free at Gymmboxx. (hello again to the cute staff who smiles and welcomes you at gymmboxx bishan… unlike the fake sales-oriented people at the gym I go to at Orchard…) This is a new Whey protein I’m trying after ON 100% Whey. It looks intimidating.


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