Felt under the weather today but managed to make it to Thursday Water and Land Training in Kallang.

Water Training (5:30 PM)

There were only about 7 paddlers and Kap Khookie was our steers. We did 5 minute warm-ups, 30-10s (starts and longs), concluding with 30-10-30. Kap Khookie commended me on my twist but towards the end of our water training, my sore ribs started acting up again… I volunteered to move to the back of the boat. Overall good training I guess. Sayang lang sumakit nanaman ang muscles near my rib cage. 😦

Land Training (7:00 PM)

No weights. We proceeded to join the larger FDS group at the 100PLUS Promenade at Stadium. The official warm-up was to jog around 100PLUS Promenade about six times. I attempted to jog and when I did one cycle, my ribs were sore! I stopped at one cycle.

We did a quick endurance exercise as a group. Involving jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climber, star jump, crunches, flutter kicks… I did my best given how sore my rib section was.

Good training again.


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