FDS Saturday and Sunday Water Training (May 23-24, 2015)

FDS Saturday WT

Call Time: 2:45 PM


  • 500 and 250 Meter Race Pieces
  • 2 boats
  • Preparing for DBS Marina Regatta 2015
  • Other paddlers facilitated the Ritz-Carlton Company Teambuilding paddle
  • Batch 2 of 2015 graduated

FDS Sunday WT

Call Time: 8:45 AM


  • 500 and 250 Meter Race Pieces
  • 2 boats
  • Preparing for DBS Marina Regatta 2015
  • Other paddlers prepping for Isang Bangkang Malaya “IBM”


All of us bites the dust

Woke up at 8:30am with the renovation crew saying it was time. ONE FULL DAY EARLY.


Threw stuff into luggages.

Had housemates and my brother wrapping furnitures with giant plastics.

Workers were outside looking in like we were in a zoo.


Next thing I know they are inside and laying paper coverings and tarps on the floor.

Now all of us in the house are staying at hostels in Lavender and Little India.

My boyfriend wasn’t around to help. Lol.

But my brother was. Thanks kapatid.

Ten days in exile! 

FDS Saturday Water Training (May 16, 2015)

Back-to-back trainings today! DBS Marina Regatta is around the corner.

Saturday AM Training (Call Time: 8:00 AM)

  • 30-10s
  • Sprints
  • One boat


Thanks TP for the groupie.
Saturday PM Training (Call Time: 2:30 PM)

  • Jogging and full warm-up
  • Race pieces of various distances
  • Transitions practice (longs, charges)
  • Two boats


Thanks Kap Leslie for the photo.
There was also a newbie session earlier for Batch 2 of 2015. Meaning… our FDS boats were in the water all day.

Because the call time for the PM training was scheduled earlier at 2:30 PM, I tagged along with other teammates who stayed at the Sports Hub Library…. To read, rest and sleep. *ssshh*


A sports library! Wow, Singapore.

Both lunch and dinner today was at NTUC Foodfare.

Korean Mixed Rice with Saba Fish (SGD 8.80)

Oh, and a photo with the Hulkbuster.

  Because why not.


They’re renovating our office tables this weekend. I thought of taking a photo before the transformation. 

I have FDS on my desktop. ๐Ÿ™‚
 Friday night was spent at Boat Quay catching up with my college buddies Joanna, Paul, and JC. Cass, Beth, Marco and B were also there. Woohoo.

FDS Land Training (May 14, 2015)

Felt under the weather today but managed to make it to Thursday Water and Land Training in Kallang.

Water Training (5:30 PM)

There were only about 7 paddlers and Kap Khookie was our steers. We did 5 minute warm-ups, 30-10s (starts and longs), concluding with 30-10-30. Kap Khookie commended me on my twist but towards the end of our water training, my sore ribs started acting up again… I volunteered to move to the back of the boat. Overall good training I guess. Sayang lang sumakit nanaman ang muscles near my rib cage. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Land Training (7:00 PM)

No weights. We proceeded to join the larger FDS group at the 100PLUS Promenade at Stadium. The official warm-up was to jog around 100PLUS Promenade about six times. I attempted to jog and when I did one cycle, my ribs were sore! I stopped at one cycle.

We did a quick endurance exercise as a group. Involving jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climber, star jump, crunches, flutter kicks… I did my best given how sore my rib section was.

Good training again.


FDS Pool Training (May 12, 2015)

I’m back at training! Almost two weeks offline from FDS. I’ve missed it! Paddling is addicting. I rushed over to the swimming complex before the sun had set. I got to swim a little bit and catch up with my teammates. Today’s program was on quick drive and keeping up with the rest. I think we had about six or seven cycles in the pool. I sat in the back of the queue because I’m still dealing with my sore rib cage issue. Ayoko maging nuisance!

voila… still day time!
so happy to be back! trying not to be too giddy. poker face muna.
YAAAASSSSSS. DBS Marina Regatta we’re coming for you.
today’s attendance photo – FDS Pool Training on May 12, 2015

Also, picked up ON Serious Mass from Gymmboxx Bishan. Bought it online via FitLion and they deliver it for free at Gymmboxx. (hello again to the cute staff who smiles and welcomes you at gymmboxx bishan… unlike the fake sales-oriented people at the gym I go to at Orchard…) This is a new Whey protein I’m trying after ON 100% Whey. It looks intimidating.


Hashtag portion:

  • #RoadTo30
  • #GinustoMoYan
  • #ZeroToSanaParangHero
  • #GulatinAngHousemates
  • #GulatinAngSarili
  • #DamingPowderWalangTub
  • #BulkUp

Visiting Yishun’s incredible temporary bus interchange

Had plenty of time to kill. I went to visit Yishun to do some exploring with my colleague Greg. I lived in Yishun for almost a year and felt it would be fun to come visit and see what’s developed since.

In photos:

Arnold’s replaced Cafe Cartel. The new temporary bus interchange for Yishun is now operational. It even features a Filipino grocery store.
Bike ramps with CCTV cameras, touchscreens to help commuters…
Yishun Polyclinic and wider sidewalks. The big hospital in Yishun is also having an expansion.