RIOT! Drag Show at TAB Orchard

We got tickets to RIOT! earlier (May 9, 2015 show) which was hosted by Singapore’s own drag queen Becca D’Bus (Clever salute to the civil rights movement) and featured drag queens Mona Kee Kee (and the Vajajays), Noristar, and Layla Onfire. With the special participation of Vanda Miss Joaquim during Layla’s Alaska Thunderfvck performance.

Oh my… I’m now familiar with our local drag queens!

Great show and great to be able to support the local drag scene. I’ve seen Willam, Alyssa Edwards, and Laganja Estranja from RPDR in two previous shows. This was the first to catch local drag queens exclusively.

With Mona Kee Kee!
With B and Greg.
The queens of RIOT! (May 9, 2015 show).


Some scenes from RIOT! Drag Show.


In bed – 1

What’s on my mind lately?

  • I’m currently off from training with FDS. I injured myself doing burpees (of all things). My shoes slipped and I lost control and slammed onto the ground ribs first. It has felt sore for over a week. I’ve consulted a doctor already and was instructed to rest.
  • Tito Gary, the husband of my boyfriend’s friend and career mentor, passed away the other day. We went to his wake for the past two nights at Church of the Holy Spirit (Upper Thomson). We are incredibly saddened.
  • At work, I’m repackaging vignettes for Syfy @ Star Wars Celebration. About 21 vignettes! I also wrapped up the season finale trailer for Atlantis.
  • I’m working on creating an LGBT resource group within the Singapore office of the company I work for. Pink Dot SG is also around the corner.
  • I’m thinking about my upcoming trip to Bangkok with my parents. The roundtrip airport transfers are ridiculously expensive at SGD 150.00. That’s almost the price of my plane ticket to Bangkok.
  • My brother’s job applications are looking quite promising. I’m still hoping for the best. His friend Jenny is home in Manila for now.
  • We are getting a new flatmate starting Saturday.
  • The bathrooms at our flat will be renovated in two weeks. They are setting up temporary public toilets downstairs. It’s kind of disgusting haha! I’d like to book a hotel room. LOL
  • I miss the gym. And that post-workout high.
  • I am running the 21.1km of the Sundown Marathon on July 4. I’m thinking about how to do my practice runs for the next two months.
  • Obsessing over new songs by Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.
why i can’t sleep

TP Centre Update (as of 6 May 2015)

Seems to be two thirds built to the top. Lower levels have glass covering. The connecting hotel or residential tower (?) is also rising quickly right besides it.

I’m excited for the renovations of Tanjong Pagar MRT. The exteriors should be renovated to match the spiffy new surroundings. I should do more documentation of Tanjong Pagar MRT.


Beat the May Weather

Watched the Pay-Per-View on StarHub at Paul’s place in Geylang. Pacquiao lost to Mayweather. But it felt like the heart of boxing was with our man Pacquiao. I don’t know much about boxing but it seems Pacquiao was the fighter. The other guy was on defense all throughout.