Race Kit for Sundown Marathon 2015

Why do I keep putting myself through this?

I signed up again for the Sundown Marathon and this time it’s for the 21.1 kilometre half marathon portion. Sometimes when I’m entering the race pen I wonder what I have gotten myself into. I hate running. And yet, here I am again in my rubber shoes, shorts, and race singlet.

Some of the stuff I picked up apart from the race singlet

Race kit collection was at Suntec Convention Center. Suntec is like a favourite mall that I never go to. It is so spacious. Wide halls, tall ceilings. Makes you feel like a 9 year-old. But it’s also out of the way. That’s why we don’t go to Suntec much. Dami ko na sinabi.

I made some purchases at the event:

  • Arm Pocket Mega I-40 (fits larger-sized smartphones; this is so hard to find at department stores)
  • Two (2) packets of energy gels (I have never tried energy gels… Like EVER)
  • One (1) shuttle bus ticket back to my neighbuorhood. I don’t want to worry about transpo after my race on July 5.
a timing chip attached to your shoes

The goodie bag consists of your race singlet. Quite notable was the timing chip which no longer is attached to your race bib. It is now attached to your shoes!

fabric is thin! but nice. way better than 2013 and 2014!

Free samples include Kiehl’s and Counterpain. I got free sunblock for filling up an Acuvue race bib.

voucher booklet – a great idea to sort everything

Interesting that instead of 10,000 vouchers scattered in your giant goodie bag… they decided to put it together in a “Voucher Booklet”. How organized.

OSIM, the brand that does those fancy massage chairs, is this year’s title sponsor. I have NO IDEA what that $50 OSIM voucher is for (pictures above). Is that a mechanical Pitcher Plant? A Wine Warmer?

Sundown Marathon 2015 is on July 4/5.

FDS Pool Training (June 16, 2015)

Drills today mostly consisted of correcting form. Pool trainings are supposed to be for correcting form but the more recent ones have been dedicated to charges and timing.

“Sabay sabay! TIMING!”

If I am getting only a little stronger during my turn at the pool’s edge… i am also getting stronger doing the FLUTTER KICK. I couldn’t do this five months ago. I looked like I was riding a bicycle upside down. Ngayon nakukuha ko na. Lol.

FDS Corporate Team Building and Supplement Land Training (June 13 and 15, 2015)

FDS did the corporate team building for NCS group last Saturday. I got to pace 2nd row for the first time. We went out as two boats.

I was unable to join the Saturday and Sunday regular water trainings due to Pink Dot.

Earlier we had a supplement land training involving the big white rope again. I got a little dizzy after three lung-busting sets. Thanks to a teammate who stayed back to watch over me haha!


FDS at DBS Marina Regatta 2015

what a weekend!

we didn’t win bling this time. but we had such a great time reaching the semi-finals.

in photos…


the race site at promontory @ marina bay
we-fies to pass the time while waiting
saturday morning
more we-fies

to the carnival grounds