The 6 beauty products you can’t live without.

Day 6 (July 6) – The 5 6 beauty products you can’t live without.

Made it six instead of five because of the Diptic layout thing.

I feel that beauty products is something I’m just starting to get into as I enter my 30s. I’ll share what products I use recently.

  • Rexona Men deodorant – Adventure – I use this after dragon boat trainings
  • St. Ives Apricot Scrub – 3x weekly
  • Sunsilk co-Creations “Smooth and Manageable” (Pink) – a habit
  • Dove moisturising body wash – goodbye bar soaps… sorry ngayon lang.
  • Listerine Green Tea – hated this at first, but now it’s the only “flavoured” mouth wash I like
  • Gatsby Hair Wax “Moving Rubber” – for years I’ve used Bench Fix, but it’s so hard to wash! Gatsby Hair Wax (the brown one) has the same desired styling effect… but is so much easier to wash. 😛


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