Day 4 (July 4) – What I wore this week What I wear frequently these days

Okay, I’m changing this one to what I’ve been wearing recently for dragon boating. (SORRY.) I don’t do OOTD. So perhaps I could share what I’ve been wearing recently related to dragon boating.

L to R

  • FDS 2015 singlet – exclusive for FDS members
  • “No Excuses” (not to paddle) dri-fit yellow tee I picked up in Boracay
  • PICE singlet – a complimentary singlet given to me when I was a pacer for PICE during Isang Bangkang Malaya 2015
  • FDS Batch 2014 – dri-fit black tee – as part of the 2014 team in the exhibition race at Isang Bangkang Malaya 2015
  • Quiksilver rash guard – a rash guard I bought at Orchard Central a few months back.