Day 5 (July 5) – Your travel essentials. Post photos!

My travel essentials are pretty much straightforward and normal.

Toiletries kit

Contains my bar soap (I’m old school), a travel-sized bottle of shampoo that I regularly refill at the gym, my Rexona deodorant (those buy 2 for 1 promotions you can find at Venus Beauty), toothbrush and toothpaste. I keep these all organized in a toiletries bag I bought at Takashimaya for about SGD 30.00.

Travel documents pouch

Contains my passport, recent airline ticket stubs, some debit cards (only take what I might be using at my destination), 2×2 pictures ready for visa-on-arrival, some smaller bills from recent visits to Southeast Asian countries, and most importantly a nice pen for filling up immigration forms. I also like to keep my earpods in the travel pouch when I am boarding the plane for easy access.

Delsey hard shell hand-carry luggage

I’m currently using a small Delsey hard shell luggage as my hand-carry when I fly back to Manila or when I have a weekend trip to a regional destination. I got it for sale at Takashimaya. There are only two large compartments.

Portable bluetooth speakers

I just bought this today! As an early birthday gift to myself since I love love love listening to music while in the room, in the kitchen, etc. Now I can irritate my flatmates with my pop music.

Smartphone with my favourite maps installed

Of course a smartphone. I believe in some holidays, one should ideally be disconnected from the rest of the world. But when I travel, I love using my favourite map applications like Street Directory or to help me get around.

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