Reflections before turning 30

Reflections before turning 30

The good news is that we’ve made it this far.

Work is a steady climb. At this stage, it is more of a social than a creative struggle. Creative has a template. Recently my career learnings are about social interactions: small talk in an open office, starting an LGBT support group, and managing work load with a quiet team. I’m happy where I am. But I know I can still do more.

The security of my relationship is there. Probably something I normally wouldn’t blog about. I’m happiest knowing my parents know I have a boyfriend. Perhaps the greatest gift to myself before turning 30 is being able to live openly gay.

Paddling on Kallang River. Dragon boating is my greatest love right now. It brings out my energy. It makes me want to wake up early. My body, posture, endurance, and confidence have improved through dragon boating. Plus, my network has multiplied. I am paddling with teachers, engineers, medical professionals and architects. One heart, one team! #truth

My otherwise subdued mood

i pick my poison
“i pick my poison!” sigaw ni ate rita. “And, it’s you.”