Because I’m writing this in the Philippines, I’ll put down Shakey’s.ย It never fails! My other favourite is Almon Marina but it’s hard to come by. Shakey’s is everywhere. Some other fast food restaurants like Kenny Rogers and Mang Inasal have lost their appeal over the years. But Shakey’s seems to turn it up and keep it as good as it was back in high school.

Thin-crust pizza! My favourite manager’s special is still around.

The fried chicken! Crispy crust and meaty inside.

Spaghetti! Just a good amount of it to keep you full.

And of course… the mojos! Good with anything. Perfect comfort food.

Luckily today after picking me up at the airport… we dropped by the Shakey’s along Centennial Road in Kawit, Cavite. Weย didn’t mind waiting along with other families… the place was filled with people. It’s a Shakey’s branch in the middle of almost no-where. Filled with people! The food was cooked fresh. ๐Ÿ™‚

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