Team Photos of FDS 2015

been working on these! i’ve submitted them to our creatives committee. thought of sharing some photos here first!

I love taking photos and documenting things, but I am not a photographer. Lol. So this was my best effort using a Nikon D3200 with kit lens and some Photoshop for bringing out the colors and balance somewhat the 5:00pm lighting without making it look surreal.


What I’m working on: Team Photos for FDS

I was assigned to help take the annual team photo for FDS.

photos practice

I have never done team photography before. It’s quite intimidating! What if you get a perfect shot and realise later that someone had their eyes closed. What if the lighting is all messed up? What if the blocking and positioning are wrong? What if I can’t save the shot using Photoshop? What if I mess up?

Or… I could just have fun with it.

Hoping to get them up soon!

Get ready for LONGS! Let’s do this 3Q and 4Q!

There are still moments I’m wiping a layer of sweat off my face… “WHY AM I DOING THIS?!” lol making life harder for myself… almost wanting to cry. Ang hirap. Trying to keep up. Trying not to be the weakest link. The mission is to out-do myself kasi shet, let’s not be a slouch.

And then I look at the mirror after taking a shower each morning… and say f* yeah. I am one step closer to destroying my inhibitions. I am one step closer to being the best version of myself. This is the one life we have to live. So f* live IT.

Here are the upcoming activities I’m hoping to participate in.


  • PA Dragonboat Challenge (August 30)*


  • AustCham 10km Challenge (September 5)*


  • Singapore River Regatta 2015 (October 31 and November 1)*


  • SGX Bull Charge 2015 (November 13) – Company participation (I hope we join.)


  • Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 (December 6) – aiming for personal best 10km
  • Penang Pesta Dragon Boat Race in Malaysia (December 12 and 13)

 * – participation is the discretion of the team captains. EARN YOUR SPOT ON THE BOAT!


What bothers me is that I feel I am slowly turning into somebody different. Or perhaps I have refined choices in what I want to do next. The battle seems to be about breaking the mold of what’s expected or what’s predictable. Or maybe it’s about finding some courage to learn something new off the path.

What do we really achieve when we are on auto-pilot? We receive security and the promise of safety. But really, what else?

Sometimes I am tired of being George. I am tired of the same old descriptions or tiring impressions. Am I really a nice guy? Or am I so good at faking it because of what people may think if I acted otherwise?

I am a slave to paying my bills.

(Or, I am a spoiled millennial with no real reason to complain…)

My mantra for 2015: Live active!

Eight months into 2015 and I have a new mantra to push myself with. A simple, “Live active.”. The past eight months of dragonboating and gym and running… gets you feeling a bit high. And there are some lows (plateau, self-doubt, wanting to give up…)

Live active! Get up and run. Get up and do something for your future self. Live active and leave behind laziness and a boring life watching TV on weekends. Get up and smash personal records. Run faster, farther… with more aggression. Lift heavier, it’s all in the mind to exert that effort for one more set, one more rep. Paddle with aggression, and with the team in mind. Paddle as one with the team and not as one individual.

Live active. And keep doing it!

a photo I took after paddling with FDS for 30 minutes straight! insane insane insane! But i survived. and i know I can do better!

FDS August 2015 Trainings

The team is training for the PA Dragonboat Challenge (Aug. 30) and AustCham 10KM Race (Sept. 5). Because of the 10km race, our program this past month is on building endurance.

I’ve also frequented the gym more often this past month to make up for not being able to gym back in June and July.

Here are some of our recent attendance photos for land training, pool training, and water training.