Eight months into 2015 and I have a new mantra to push myself with. A simple, “Live active.”. The past eight months of dragonboating and gym and running… gets you feeling a bit high. And there are some lows (plateau, self-doubt, wanting to give up…)

Live active! Get up and run. Get up and do something for your future self. Live active and leave behind laziness and a boring life watching TV on weekends. Get up and smash personal records. Run faster, farther… with more aggression. Lift heavier, it’s all in the mind to exert that effort for one more set, one more rep. Paddle with aggression, and with the team in mind. Paddle as one with the team and not as one individual.

Live active. And keep doing it!

a photo I took after paddling with FDS for 30 minutes straight! insane insane insane! But i survived. and i know I can do better!
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