Benched, twice

Benched, twice

It’s difficult to deal with disappointments.

I guess it is part of the journey when you want to improve your worth in a career, in a relationship, and in a sport.

But when it seems you fail at all three at the same time… nakaka-down.

It’s difficult to maintain enthusiasm.

I describe it like smiling but then you get tired of smiling.

I failed to make the AustCham 10km crew for my dragon boat team. It sounds so trivial and funny I would feel down for not making “the boat”. Like seriously, a year ago I had NO SPORTS to think of. I guess I was too ambitious to try out for 10km agad-agad. Oo, na-excite ka sa isang challenge. And then it’s simply “not yet time”. More training pa. Which is frustrating because I am training and giving it my best…

Some teammates who I am close with smiled at me… told me not to worry. It is what works best for the boat. The team captain said there are more races to look forward to.

I’ll work this out eventually.


Decided on writing this and putting it out there. Dahil gusto ko one day I’ll look back and perhaps laugh this off.