The haze is back!

The haze is back!

PSI (pollutants standard index) has been in the 150-200+ range in the past few days. That means the haze is “unhealthy”. Above 201 is “very unhealthy” and above 301 is “hazardous”.

The haze originates in Sumatra, Indonesia due to the slash and burn of vast plantations. In Singapore, the blue skies disappear and the smell of smoke billows. I sneeze more often and you can feel a thin layer of dust on some objects (noticed it on our metal gate).

Two FDS trainings have been cancelled due to the worsening haze. Last Thursday’s Land Training and last Sunday’s water training. The Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) released its guidelines on how teams will go about their trainings during the haze.

The haze coincided with the SG Elections last Friday. It wasn’t that bad on Friday, but you can smell smoke in the air.

I’m a healthy 30 year-old so I should be fine. I feel worried about the elderly and the little babies of Singapore who are much more sensitive to the air pollution.