We’re preparing for the Singapore River Regatta which is the last local race for the year. I can’t believe it! Last local race of the year already. There were fewer races this year compared to 2014, as I heard. But still, I managed to join five races.

  • MR 500 at Jurong Lake – 500 meters – first race, bronze!
  • PUB World Water Day – women’s crew won silver
  • Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival – 500 meters – 2nd Place Small Boat Mixed Int’l
  • DBS Marina Regatta 2015
  • OCBC Race – was not able to participate because I was in the Philippines
  • SDBF – was not able to participate because I was in the Philippines
  • DB Challenge – made semi-finals
  • AustCham 10km Challenge – was not selected for the FDS boat

I had a crisis of motivation in August when I wasn’t selected for the AustCham 10km challenge. But somehow, I’ve made my way out of it. Cleared my mind, and told myself that I can’t give up because of one personal setback. The captain said “marami pang karera” (more races to come). Nakakatuwa because, still… upbeat, positive thinking.


Because of the prevalent SG haze, some of our recent scheduled trainings were cancelled. This past weekend however, the PSI returned to below 100… so we were out in the water again. Our Saturday session was about endurance (2x 1000 meters, 2x 500 meters, etc.). I noticed I feel stronger and more confident in the 2nd half of a training session… the first half… hingal ako! The warm-ups are more difficult than the actual training program… the warm-up from the beach to Shears Bridge is difficult for me.


What else is happening?

I noticed almost half of the promos airing on the channel I’m working for… are mine. Like, I’ve been worried sick about not being able to produce my best work recently… but when you flip onto this TV channel… that’s my stuff on there! #TryingToBoostConfidence

I’ve lost my muse a few times the past few weeks. I HATE PRODUCING MEDIOCRE WORK. It’s unacceptable! Absolutely unacceptable. But I’m beginning to think that it may all be in my mind. My work may not be the best at this moment, but I’m still able to meet deadlines.

The HAZE is the big thing going on lately in Singapore. ALDUB if you’re in the Philippines.

I’ve also been binge watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This animated series is awesome. The quality of the episodes, the stories, the characters… it’s like I opened a treasure chest. It is five seasons long, 22 episodes each season… almost 25 minutes each episode. Fast-paced, lovable characters, all connected to the Star Wars prequels (it narrates what happens between Episode II and Episode III). It’s a time where Palpatine is still Chancellor, Obi-Wan is a leader in the Clone Wars on the side of the republic, Anakin (looks better here than in the prequel movies.. as animation) showing off his cocky side and yet still be a kick-ass pilot… Ahsoka Tano, C3PO, R2-D2, Padme… waaah, so many episodes still left to watch. And… there’s even Star Wars: Rebels to catch afterwards… on-going on Disney XD.

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