There are two days left before the final dragon boat race of the year. We’ve trained for this even in the damn haze. We’re hungry for a victory.

I’m hungry for a different kind of victory.

More than paddling my best, I’m trying to conquer my mind. My mind tells me to quit sometimes. It tries to remind me of how weak I used to be. Sometimes my mind wins and I lose focus and form. Continue reading “Team.”

Registered for SGX Bull Charge 2015, SCMS 2015 and Rail Corridor Run 2016

Booked for one more run in January. Bringing total upcoming runs to three.

  • SGX Bull Charge 2015 – 13 November (CBD) – 5KM Corporate
  • Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 – 6 December (Esplanade) – 10KM Personal
  • Rail Corridor Run 2016 – 31 January (Bukit Timah) – 10KM Personal

I also bought new running shoes. After almost three years! It’s the cheaper range of Asics, comfortable and good for shorter runs (<10KM).

I’ve tried to limit my running due to dragon boating. I’m trying to commit to the shorter runs, focusing on improving my pace and finishing strong. Rather than running a half-baked 21km like my SCMS 2014. I was literally baking under the sun last year.

I feel a bit more energetic in my running recently. I guess building endurance through dragon boating has helped with that. A teammate told me that my posture has improved. No longer that much of slouch I guess while running. I try to keep my back straight. At the gym, I try to run 2 to 3 km on the treadmill as my warm-up.

Hopefully I can learn more skills in the near future like swimming. Maybe in five years when I’m 35, I can join my first Iron Man. Work my way towards achieving things I never imagined.

Wishlist today


  • Apple Watch
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Oakley shades for training
  • New board shorts
  • New water bottle for training
  • New training shoes
  • Trip to Taipei, Dubai or Tokyo. An Asian city for the adventurous.

ATM (Oct 18, 2015)


ATM (At the moment)

  • Gym and dragon boat training in full swing. Haze has tapered off a bit allowing more time for land and water trainings. I’ve been going to the gym more frequently.
  • For dragon boating, we are preparing for our last race of the year. I can’t believe it. I’m wondering what happens after the final race of the year. Do we keep training with similar intensity? Will the amount of paddlers grow or shrink at trainings?
  • I’m planning to focus on weightlifting and strength building at gym after the final race of the year. I’m looking at a window from November to March that is intensive on gym and on strength building… which is something that I can really improve on.
  • Dragon boat water time trials and I’m thrilled with my result! I started at 4 mins 13 seconds last February. Wrapping up at just under 2 mins 33 seconds last week. I really want to keep improving.
  • At work, I’ve been putting out several outputs in recent weeks. Everything is good I guess.
  • Domestic life? The room is a bit dusty with all the construction in our neighborhood. Add to that, the SG haze. But I’ve learned how to do the laundry so no more relying on others to do it for me, like duh.
  • I’m trying to reduce my tummy fat and also find ways to eat healthier. I can’t do a crash diet (no one should, right?). I’m being realistic… I can still have my Jollibee from time to time… or a Sprite at the movies (there are barely any other choices). As long as I am conscious of what I eat, and put more effort into researching what I put into my mouth.

Really nothing much else to add! Trainings, trainings, trainings… ❤

Time Trials – 2

We had our 2nd set of time trials last Saturday. This is where you paddle solo for 200 meters. On the boat with you is the steersperson, a fellow paddler to balance your weight, and a person measuring the time using a GPS device.

  • February 2015 – 4 mins 13 seconds
  • October 2015 – 2 mins 33 seconds


I had trouble as usual with my muscle endurance. I’ve been working on shoulder, back, and core exercises at gym recently. I did some basic planking. I’m psyched to continue improving.

We watched The Martian later that morning at Kallang Leisure Mall. Saturday PM training afterwards on the river. Finally, time off from the haze.

Our Langkawi was cancelled. So the Singapore River Regatta (SRR) in three weeks will be our last race of the year.

I looked at myself at the mirror this morning after adjusting my diet the past few days. I’m trying to trim fat off my tummy. I’m liking what I see. Slowly but surely. Let me f-cking gloat haha. I am working hard for this.