Time Trials – 2

Time Trials – 2

We had our 2nd set of time trials last Saturday. This is where you paddle solo for 200 meters. On the boat with you is the steersperson, a fellow paddler to balance your weight, and a person measuring the time using a GPS device.

  • February 2015 – 4 mins 13 seconds
  • October 2015 – 2 mins 33 seconds


I had trouble as usual with my muscle endurance. I’ve been working on shoulder, back, and core exercises at gym recently. I did some basic planking. I’m psyched to continue improving.

We watched The Martian later that morning at Kallang Leisure Mall. Saturday PM training afterwards on the river. Finally, time off from the haze.

Our Langkawi was cancelled. So the Singapore River Regatta (SRR) in three weeks will be our last race of the year.

I looked at myself at the mirror this morning after adjusting my diet the past few days. I’m trying to trim fat off my tummy. I’m liking what I see. Slowly but surely. Let me f-cking gloat haha. I am working hard for this.