ATM (Oct 18, 2015)


ATM (At the moment)

  • Gym and dragon boat training in full swing. Haze has tapered off a bit allowing more time for land and water trainings. I’ve been going to the gym more frequently.
  • For dragon boating, we are preparing for our last race of the year. I can’t believe it. I’m wondering what happens after the final race of the year. Do we keep training with similar intensity? Will the amount of paddlers grow or shrink at trainings?
  • I’m planning to focus on weightlifting and strength building at gym after the final race of the year. I’m looking at a window from November to March that is intensive on gym and on strength building… which is something that I can really improve on.
  • Dragon boat water time trials and I’m thrilled with my result! I started at 4 mins 13 seconds last February. Wrapping up at just under 2 mins 33 seconds last week. I really want to keep improving.
  • At work, I’ve been putting out several outputs in recent weeks. Everything is good I guess.
  • Domestic life? The room is a bit dusty with all the construction in our neighborhood. Add to that, the SG haze. But I’ve learned how to do the laundry so no more relying on others to do it for me, like duh.
  • I’m trying to reduce my tummy fat and also find ways to eat healthier. I can’t do a crash diet (no one should, right?). I’m being realistic… I can still have my Jollibee from time to time… or a Sprite at the movies (there are barely any other choices). As long as I am conscious of what I eat, and put more effort into researching what I put into my mouth.

Really nothing much else to add! Trainings, trainings, trainings… ❤

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