Registered for SGX Bull Charge 2015, SCMS 2015 and Rail Corridor Run 2016

Booked for one more run in January. Bringing total upcoming runs to three.

  • SGX Bull Charge 2015 – 13 November (CBD) – 5KM Corporate
  • Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 – 6 December (Esplanade) – 10KM Personal
  • Rail Corridor Run 2016 – 31 January (Bukit Timah) – 10KM Personal

I also bought new running shoes. After almost three years! It’s the cheaper range of Asics, comfortable and good for shorter runs (<10KM).

I’ve tried to limit my running due to dragon boating. I’m trying to commit to the shorter runs, focusing on improving my pace and finishing strong. Rather than running a half-baked 21km like my SCMS 2014. I was literally baking under the sun last year.

I feel a bit more energetic in my running recently. I guess building endurance through dragon boating has helped with that. A teammate told me that my posture has improved. No longer that much of slouch I guess while running. I try to keep my back straight. At the gym, I try to run 2 to 3 km on the treadmill as my warm-up.

Hopefully I can learn more skills in the near future like swimming. Maybe in five years when I’m 35, I can join my first Iron Man. Work my way towards achieving things I never imagined.

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