Weird stuff I did over the weekend? I had to impersonate FPJ during a charades game at the FDS barbecue party. I was a train wreck. I did this strange salute thing (thinking he won the 2004 elections) and I kept pointing at three of my fingers in a desperate, futile attempt to explain F-P-J. It was a disaster.

Other than that, there was a very cute guy from the Japan Dragons. Couldn’t keep my eye off of him. Until he was about 70 meters away from the inter-team barbecue area at the beach. Kampai pa more.

The past weekend was full of activities. Starting with the SGX Bull Charge 2015. Felt like more than half were walkers. Ang yabang ko na! As if I weren’t a walker a few years back. Taking selfies during my 10km Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012. I completed the 5km Bull Charge at just over 30 minutes (6 mins 10 secs pace). I think I can go faster but I had to manoeuvre past walkers on sidewalks.

FDS 3rd Quarter barbecue, as mentioned. Happened on Saturday. A lovely, LOVELY boodle fight. Who has ever described a boodle fight as “lovely”? I enjoyed it! Food was fantastic and the weather was great. People were enjoying themselves. And I was enjoying looking over at Mr. Japan Dragon. I should shut up.

Sunday naman was our FDS annual general meeting or “AGM”. Our team has committees just like a school org. So our officers presented a summary of what they accomplished with FDS this past year. Our treasurer had this super detailed report that was so interesting.

The AGM also meant elections. I accepted nominations for creative and design committee head. No one else was running for C&D. I was elected and I’ll be serving FDS in 2016 as an officer. Oredi may gusto na ng new singlet, mag-supply ng singlet, etc. Bilis ng mga ganap. Excited to serve. Also scared. Because first and foremost, I will be a paddler. Not a cliché.

Eto na ang six photos.

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